Workplace Health And Safety Policy

VIPeople's (Venue Industry Professionals Pty Ltd) core business is focused on providing specialist staff to the venue and event industry. VIPeople is an organisation that sets new benchmarks in staffing quality and performance for the venue industry.

VIPeople is committed to ensuring a safe and healthy working environment for all workers including employees, contractors and any other person who may be affected by the conduct of our activities.

VIPeople strives to fully integrate health and safety into all aspects of its activities through a process of continuous improvement. This is to be achieved by:

  • Implementing and maintaining a framework that ensures the systematic management of health and safety throughout all activities and locations as well as ensuring compliance with legal and other requirements
  • Setting measurable objectives and targets aimed at controlling higher risk activities and increasing awareness of health & safety.

Managers are committed to fulfilling their individual responsibilities by:

  • Providing an appropriate level of resources to fulfil the requirements of this policy
  • Actively participating in ensuring our workplace is safe, healthy and injury free for workers, and others who may be affected by VIPeople activities
  • Providing and maintaining safe systems of work
  • Ensuring all workers are suitably instructed in performing their roles with regard to their own and fellow workers health and safety
  • Monitoring the performance of workplace health and safety through regular reporting
  • Consulting with workers in relations to workplace health and safety

Workers are required to fulfil their individual responsibilities by:

  • Participating in activities and processes implemented by VIPeople designed to improve the health and safety of all workers
  • Taking responsibility for their own actions and acting in a safe and responsible manner at all times
  • Being aware of and reporting hazards and incidents in the workplace environment
  • Consulting with VIPeople regarding ideas or concerns relating to health and safety issues
  • Ensuring housekeeping is maintained at the highest possible standard in order to minimise health and safety risks