Venue Industry Professional Services

VIPeople’s parent company - Venue Industry Professionals Pty Ltd, utilises the extensive experience from its management team to provide venues and sporting organisations the specialist assistance they require.


With a vast network developed over 20 years within the venue and event industry, Venue Industry Professionals can assist on short or long term projects. Utilising its expertise and skills in dealing with the private sector, local, state, and federal governments, the management team will ensure your project is managed professionally and efficiently.     

Venue/Event Management Services

Venue Industry Professionals can provide a variety of event-day management solutions due to its expertise in Venue and Event Operations. On those occasions when you are not geared suitably to manage a large event, Venue Industry Professionals can assist through the provision of an experienced Venue Operations Manager to work with your current team and if required oversee the entire event.

Or maybe you obtain an event new to your venue such as a concert. An experienced member of Venue Industry Professionals can work alongside your Management team to ensure all aspects of the event are considered, planned and managed.

Consultancy/Project Management

Venue Industry Professionals are specialists on a range of consultancy-based services such as:

  1. Business Plan Review and Strategy
    It is essential for each venue and event to have a sound basis on which to build a successful business. Venue Industry Professionals has the expertise and experience to write and review Business Plans and offer sound strategy to progress your business.

  2. Venue Operations Planning and Review
    With specialist expertise in operations planning at major venues, Venue Industry Professionals can provide your venue with sound advice in developing and/or reviewing the Venue Operations Plan. This includes:
    • Budgeting
    • Writing an Operations Plan
    • Developing specific components of an Operations Plan
    • Compiling event plans to satisfy statutory requirements

  3. New Developments
    Venue Industry Professionals are skilled in reviewing new developments and projects requiring input at the design and development stage. Particular expertise relates to:
    • Front of house and operational overlay
    • Review of staffing requirements
    • Customer flows and capacities
    • Ticketing
    • Back of house/production requirements


Customer feedback in most cases is only received spasmodically and usually when an issue has escalated into a major dilemma. Therefore conducting research at regular intervals throughout your yearly events calendar and with a planned focus on a specific range of topics, should give you the opportunity to receive constructive not reactive feedback from your customers.

Venue Industry Professionals can work with Venue Management to plan the areas in need of research, preparing event day staff to complete the research and then compiling the findings into a report. In addition to this, Venue Industry Professionals can also put together suggestions and techniques for rectifying the issues raised.