VIPeople has developed a wide range of training modules, through its training services business, “Thinking Outside…”. These courses are highlighted by its signature program “Service Excellence in Venues and Events”. Managing Director, Anthony Duffy combines his 30+ years in the venue industry with his extensive training experience in creating a tailored quality service model for your business.

The “Thinking Outside…” model has been developed around the principle of improving the customer experience at every possible touchpoint. Knowing your customers, understanding their expectations and defining the minimum standard will ensure each team member is focused on “enhancing the experience” at all times.

Major partnerships in the delivery of Customer Service training programs, include:

Michael Cassel Group
“Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Parts 1 and 2”
Princess Theatre, Melbourne
Delivery of “Service Excellence in Venues and Events” to the entire FOH workforce and management teams, including all stakeholders, for in excess of 300 staff. This program included an audit of services and assessment of delivery prior to opening in February 2019.

West HQ
Delivery of Management Workshop, “Service Excellence…” and “Be the Leader…” training programs to over 400 staff.

Taronga Zoo Sydney & Taronga Western Plains Zoo
Working with the Executive Management team to review existing integration of culture and training, assess effectiveness and deliver future training strategy.

The Lion King and Marry Poppins Stage Productions
(Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland)

Preparation of the FOH teams through delivery of “Service Excellence in Venues and Events” prior to opening of each production.

Delivery of VIPeople Supervisor program, “Be the Leader in Venues and Events”. This module is delivered boardroom style, for no more than 20 staff. This program has been delivered annually to Cbus SS in two modules.

Delivery of “Be the Leader in Venues and Events” to the Supervisory team prior to the opening of the stadium in February 2020.


“Thinking Outside…” will offer your business a selection from its suite of training products covering front-line service staff through to executive management. The programs are designed to be integrated, imbedding a seamless service culture into your organisation.

Each program will include a thorough analysis of existing business practices and pre-training workshops to tailor sessions for individual business needs.

Whilst developing a specific solution for your organisation is the focal point of the partnership, there are three base training modules to select from.

1. Creating a Quality Service Model

This Executive Management workshop-based program, is centred on the “Service Excellence Square”, exploring the four (4) key elements of a quality service model.

2-4 hours

Who should attend?
The decisions-makers from middle to executive management. This session is about buy-in, aligning the management team in the formation and delivery of a quality service model.


Quality Standards: The operational priorities to deliver high-quality and consistent service.

  • Leadership
  • Common Purpose
  • Investment/Budget
  • External Relationships
  • Contractor Responsibilities

Expectations (Guest Analysis): Knowing and understanding the customer’s preconceptions.

  • Research and measurement tools
  • The Customer Compass
  • Minimum Standards
  • Perceptions
  • “Surprise the Customer”
  • Exceeding Expectations

Integration: Aligning all components to achieve a seamless guest experience.

  • Training
  • Cultural Embedment
  • “Think Globally, Act Locally”
  • Great Service Brands
  • Empowerment
  • The Feedback Loop

Delivery Systems: People, elements and systems used to orchestrate great service.

  • The Workplace Environment
  • Right-fit Talent
  • Engagement & Motivation
  • Behavioural Guidelines
  • Communication
  • Performance Management

2. “Service Excellence in Venues and Events”

The “Thinking Outside…” signature program, developed for front-line customer service staff. This session will prepare staff for the delivery of outstanding service, aligned to the corporate strategy. In addition, this program could be adopted as the base model for new staff inductions.

3-4 hours

Who should attend?
Whilst primarily intended for front-line staff, it is recommended initially, that all staff contribute to the development and content of this program.


 “Welcome to xxx, have a nice day”

  • Review existing standards
  • Findings form previous research
  • Formalise session objectives

“Who are they?” (Customer Types)

  • Explore the different types of customers we encounter
  • Specific analysis of service standards for each type such as families and children, accessible needs
  • “Reading the customer”

“Surprise the customer” (Exceeding Expectations)

  • Identify and discuss customer expectations (workshop and discussion)
  • How are staff prepared to meet those expectations? (discussion)
  • Creating a ‘Sense of Arrival’ – the threshold approach to service delivery
  • Guiding and connecting with your guest
  • Working the queues

“What did you say, mate?” (Communication Skills)

  • What words should we use?
  • Starting the day well
  • Who do we communicate with?
  • Methods of communicating

“Tough luck!” (Dealing with Difficult Situations)

  • The apology, empathy, solution method!
  • Types of complaints (list from experience)
  • Scenarios to explore standard complaints

“One big happy family!” (Teamwork)

  • What are the elements to good teamwork (workshop and discussion)
  • Typical structure and its impact on delivering great service

“How do I look?” (The Importance of Presentation)

  • Why are body language, presentation & grooming important?
  • What message does it send?

3. “Be the Leader in Venues and Events”

This program is specifically designed for the key ambassadors, your Supervisors and Team Leaders. This program will not only enhance their leadership skills, but will generate confidence for middle management to lead your workforce in the delivery of outstanding service.

5-6 hours

Who should attend?
Supervisors, Team Leaders, Middle to Senior Management.


Roles and Responsibilities

  • What is your role?
  • Why were you selected?
  • Responsibilities pre, during and post event

Leadership: Being an Effective Supervisor

  • Characteristics of an effective Supervisor
  • Why do we follow leaders?
  • What makes successful leaders?

Effective Communication

  • The briefing
  • Who do we communicate with?
  • Methods of communicating
  • Two-way communication

Coaching for Success

  • Impacting behaviours
  • Identifying the need
  • Coaching techniques
  • Guidelines to positive coaching
  • Your role as a coach

Dealing with Staff

  • Feedback
  • Methodology
  • Behavioural standards
  • Presentation standards

Reporting is a Key

  • Why bother?
  • What to include
  • Issue/action/outcome
  • Good & bad reports (examples)
  • Staff assessments


  • Real examples to step through in demonstrating training concepts


Whether you’re looking for professional, casual customer service staff for your venue or special event, sourcing industry leading training programs or are seeking exciting customer service roles, we’re always ready to talk.

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